Our services bridge the digital divide for farmers and businesses, inspiring change to smallholder farmers with seamless digital integration, comprehensive financial support, and unlocking the hidden potential of successful businesses. With a focus on invaluable insights, we reduce transaction costs, increase efficiency, and nurture collective prosperity, fostering digital empowerment for all.

Vuno Sekls

Vuno Sekls acts as a catalyst for transformative change through cutting-edge technology. Our mission is straightforward: we are dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers by seamlessly integrating them into the digital landscape.We firmly hold the belief that technology should bridge gaps, not create them, and our ultimate vision is to connect every farmer and establish a profound relationship with the digital realm. At the core of our approach lies the concept of “digital handshakes” we create a platform where fruitful and sustainable transactions between farmers and businesses can flourish. 


Z’wardy is an adaptive platform with a deep-rooted mission to inspire and empower smallholder farmers, turning lasting behaviour change into a tangible reality. With our motivating tagline, “good gifts,” we’re revolutionising how farmers engage with interventions. Z’wardy’s mission centres on providing motivational nudges that spark action. We recognize that true transformation starts with motivation, and our platform is meticulously crafted to kindle that enthusiasm among farmers.


Pewo is a dedicated service that advocates for sustainable and viable seeds in the hands of the farmers. Our unwavering commitment is to empower smallholder farmers by granting them access to top-quality local seeds, all united under the banner of “better seed.”We firmly assert that access to high-quality seeds should be a universal right, not a privilege.


Malimbewu  we’re your dedicated partner in rural agricultural finance. Our core mission is to ensure that farmers have the essential resources and training they need to not just survive, but thrive. Malimbewu’s aim is to provide financial stability, empowering farmers to grow sustainably. We firmly believe in the power of “Money Yields!” – the right financial support can yield bountiful harvests for every seed sown.

Kvuno Soil Labs

Kvuno Soil Labs: we believe that a small soil test can yield significant results. Our mission revolves around unlocking the hidden wealth beneath the Earth’s surface and placing it firmly in the hands of smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa. Guided by our empowering mantra, “my soil is my wealth,” we offer a comprehensive and affordable soil testing service poised to transform agriculture. Our soil testing focuses on affordability and precision. We empower farmers to make informed decisions.


Our supplementary services help enhance our partners’ value and interventions to smallholder farmers. These services not only provide a social-impact value to our partners but build a lasting portfolio that will transcend and build a legacy with farmers even after their project delivery.


K’fuya, is part of value addition service offering with a commitment to making affordable eggs and meat accessible to local families. We firmly believe that this mission goes beyond providing nourishing food; it’s about improving nutrition, uplifting rural farmer livelihoods, and creating income opportunities for smallholder farmer. At K’fuya, we are inspired by the belief that locally sourced protein can transform communities. We draw inspiration from successful models like EthioChicken, proving that our mission is not only feasible but also scalable.


K’pura, is a simplified, sustainable and cost-effective harvesting service for farmers. Our mission is to help farmers efficiently thresh beans and grains such as soybeans and maize, reducing workload and minimizing post-harvest losses during harvest season. By “Bring in the Harvest” , K’pura is dedicated to ensuring that farmers get the most yield out of their hard work during harvest time. We station our mobile threshing machines at community centres, making it convenient for farmers to bring their produce for processing.


VunoGo, is your e-hailing service that provides accessible and affordable transport services for farmers. Our mission is to empower farmers with easy access to transportation, connecting them to the agricultural value chain. At VunoGo, we believe in making transportation effortless for farmers. Through our mantra “Let’s Go”, we offer a seamless phone app that allows farmers to order a tricycle conveniently, enabling them to pick up and deliver their goods without hassle


Farmer2Market (F2M), is the  online broking platform that’s transforming the way businesses trade with remote, smallholder farmers. Our mission is simple: to connect businesses with unacquainted farmers, their crops, and farms through an integrated online marketplace. At F2M, we believe in making agricultural trade accessible and efficient.”From the Farmer to You” our platform empowers businesses to see, search for, and bid on farmers’ crops, whether it’s before or after harvest. We then step in to facilitate the deal, ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish.


E’Fres, where freshness meets innovation. We’re dedicated to helping fruit and vegetable farmers sell their produce and making it accessible to traders, retailers, and customers. Our mission is simple: “it’s fresh.” At e’Fres, we add value at every step of the journey. We purchase crops directly from the fields, clean, sort, grade, and carefully package them. Our fruit and vegetable range includes: Tomatoes, Green Maize, Watermelons, and Cabbages. We take pride in marketing, selling, and delivering these fresh, quality products, ensuring they reach customers promptly.