Success Story: Kvuno Lead Farmer Hails Malimbewu and Pest Control Education

In Southern Africa, smallholder farmers are the backbone of the agricultural sector, yet they face significant challenges, particularly with pest control and adapting to climate change. Empowering these farmers with education on pest management and climate-smart practices is crucial for ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture in the region. The Importance of Pest Control […]

Success story: The house that Kvuno helped to build

In the heart of Malawi, where agriculture is the lifeblood of the community, smallholder farmers face numerous challenges. However, organizations like Kvuno are transforming these challenges into opportunities through good agricultural practices and innovative business solutions. Judith Samson’s story is a testament to this transformation. “I am Judith Samson. My husband is a lead farmer […]


Bicycles, solar-panelled radios, smartphones, t-shirts, gumboots, and sprayers. – These were some of the gifts displayed by small-scale farmers in Lilongwe, Malawi awarded to the farmers in exchange for practicing good agriculture through the reward platform called Z’wardy.  “Kvuno, a leading provider of digital empowerment solutions for smallholder farmers, is proud to announce its transformative […]


About 70% of the rural population in Southern Africa relies on agriculture for their livelihoods, most of whom are highly vulnerable to climate change. However, smallholder farmers often lack technical knowledge and critical services for productive and resilient farm management. For example, key services such as soil testing, inputs provision, finance, insurance, climate information, and […]

Kvuno Soil Labs

In a world where climate change is an ever growing issue, it is an imperative to help especially small-holder farmers  improve their soil care practices, and use better seeds. The Kvuno project aims to increase the performance of these farmers by providing them with access to technology in which they have continually been held from the […]

Enhancing Farmers’ Agency in Biodiversity Protection

In development, we are often confronted with seemingly impossible challenges.  In our quest to support farmers to increase productivity, enhance their participation in value chains, and improve their incomes we have to also caution them on practices that could have a longer-term negative impact on livelihoods. From our vantage point we sometimes wonder why certain […]

Is the future of healthy soils pegged on soil carbon offsets?

If 100 smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa today were asked to name the greatest challenge facing them, how many would say “greenhouse gas emissions”? Let’s be honest, probably none or only a handful, if any.  Yet, if you presented the same farmers with a similar question in relation to climate change or unfertile soils, probably […]

Increasing digital adoption amongst smallholders through Whatsapp

Technology has become a great enabler across different sectors. In the field of food and agriculture, technologies like mobile sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence are increasing the efficiency of food production and improving smallholders’ access to information, formal markets and finance. However, the current enthusiasm for agricultural digitization has caused an influx of “full house” […]