Supporting Widows in Agriculture on International Widow’s Day

On June 23, we commemorate International Widows Day, a vital reminder of the struggles faced by millions of widows worldwide. At Kvuno, we recognize the unique challenges faced by widows in agriculture and are committed to providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive. Agriculture is a cornerstone of many economies, especially […]

Kvuno calls for better nutrition this “National Meal Prep Day”

National Meal Prep Day, observed on 9 June 2024, is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the art of preparing healthy, sustainable meals in advance. Here at Kvuno, we believe in improving the livelihoods and nutrition of our farmers as organized planning can lead to healthier eating habits and a greener planet. “I got a chance […]

Kvuno raises the battle cry this World Food Safety Day

Kvuno stands in solidarity with the United Nations as it commemorates World Food Safety Day on 7 June 2024 to highlight the critical importance of maintaining high standards in food safety to ensure the health and well-being of populations worldwide. This year’s theme, “Prepare for the Unexpected,” underscores the necessity of being vigilant and positions […]

Kvuno Celebrates World Bicycle Day (3 June)

Bicycles play a crucial role in Southern Africa, enhancing mobility and access to essential services like education and healthcare as well as boosting local economies. In rural areas, bicycles can cut travel time to schools and clinics by up to 75%, significantly improving quality of life. “Globally, there are over 1 billion bicycles, with millions […]