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About Us

Kvuno is a social enterprise that exists to ensure that farming will create wealth for small scale producers. All of Kvuno’s services and products are designed to ensure that the small scale producer is more prolific throughout the entire value chain.

Kvuno’s products and services are always powered by the most effective technology available to society.


Empowering farmers and other producers with fast and affordable technological services.


We help small scale producers become independent entrepreneurs by rewarding them for adoption of target interventions.

Kvuno Produtos Frescos

It is a rural aggregation and trading pack-house for fruit and vegetables.

Kvuno Soil Labs

Why Should I Test?

We empower producers to make data driven decisions based on soil nutrient and other key parameters.

See Our Testing Kit

Kvuno Seed Multiplication

Kvuno contracts local small scale producers to multiply various seeds which consequently retail to commercial producers in the respective seasons



VunoGo is a micro-logistics, e-hailing service that allows producers to get their produce to the market in a timely and cost effective way.

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